Welcome To Your Tape

Just kidding… Or am I?

“I once asked this literary agent what kind of writing paid the best.  He said, “Ransom notes.”

-Get Shorty (1995) 

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The Ultimate Thank You

Weeks have passedSoon months will tooAnd it’s relatively soothing,Not to worry about you. On the streets unknown,Which terrified me beforeThanks to youI’ve been walking on my own. Watching these animated comediesOne after anotherThanks to youI’ve been laughing on my own. In the middle of the nightWhen the darkness overwhelmsThanks to youI’ve also been weeping onContinue reading “The Ultimate Thank You”

Random Evening Thought

All these love stories we come across in books and the movies, alas not one of them tells us how to love ourselves first. Only if they did, maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t have to seek validation on the internet from people who are basically strangers. Only if they did, maybe we’d love ourselves first.Continue reading “Random Evening Thought”

The Background Music

When the sun doesn’t shine,When my poems don’t rhyme.When I try hard and fast, just toMake the fleeting happy seconds last. Every time I start losing hope.Every time I see the lights getting low.I’d do this one simple thingAnd oh, the serenity that it brings. No, I wouldn’t meditate or run or watch a movie,Continue reading “The Background Music”

A Poet’s Metaphor

Do I text you and leave a noteAnything to keep our boat afloatDo I write a song and make you my museWill that help keep away the blues I decided I’d never write about youBut here I am as the clock strikes two.Wondering if I should give if another goStart with a hello and takeContinue reading “A Poet’s Metaphor”

Blame The Movies

Dear readers, the following poem contains references to a few Bollywood movies so some of you may understand those and some of you might not but it doesn’t really make much of a difference as it is only used to create visuals of the scripted romance that I am trying to describe. Happy reading. WeContinue reading “Blame The Movies”


Went to a partyWhere the music was loud,Saw a man with a bottle of BacardiRight there, in the middle of the crowd. Coolly walked up to me and said,Don’t you find this party dead?In my empty palm, he left a pillFind me upstairs if you need a refill. Warily I popped it inWith soda andContinue reading “Trippy”

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